BEER: Founder’s Breakfast Stout

OOPS! Sorry, readers, this post wasn’t meant to go live when it did. Most of my blog entries are written in advance and set to auto-post at a later date. Occasionally I’ll set down a rough draft with the intention of returning to it later. This post was exactly that, a mere skeleton of my intended rambling about a beloved beer, but I accidentally set it to auto post.

And it did. And it’s here. It posted itself hours ago. You’ve already read it. So I’m letting it fly as is, despite the fact that it’s a batch of incomplete notes rather than a coherent post.

Eh. So be it. Enjoy.

Appearance – Thick, creamy, brown head and a deep, deep brown (nearly black) appearance. On visuals alone it looked delectable, like a meal rather than a drink.

Smell – Not as vibrant as I expected. Hints of coffee and roasted chocolate, but not overpowering. Needed to get right onto the glass to really get it.

Taste – Like a dream of a perfect woman in your embrace just before waking in the morning. Which is to say, utterly divine. VERY full flavored, like a meal in a glass. None of the breakfasty flavors are way up front, though. You don’t taste strong chocolate or coffee; they’re just hints in an impressive weave of roasty, malty flavors. It’s perfectly balanced so that it tastes like a complex stout with some smokey nuances and a smoothness (probably brought on by the chocolate) that belies its bitterness. I’m impressed. Hyped beers often don’t live up to it. This one does.

Mouthfeel- Heavy mouthfeel, yet went down more easily than stouts of similar consistency. Only slightly as dry on the mouth as, say, an imperial stout. Very pleasant considering its potency.

Bottom Line – Stupidly good stout that really *would* make a good breakfast if it weren’t for the alcohol. Offers a complex yet not challenging taste. None of the boasted flavored (chocolate, coffee, oatmeal) are prominent, instead mixing into a pleasing and heady beverage. Considering it’s a high ABV and very complex stout, it’s surprisingly drinkable. Believe the hype.

How Served: bottle, into standard pint glass. Bottle room temperature, glass chilled but not frozen/cold.