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Tearing your readers apart

Even as I type this people are reading my first book. And the fact is, not everyone will like it. That’s okay. It’s not a big deal. (Besides, I can always blame Jim for the parts people don’t like, right Jim? Right?) As I continue to work and write, and as people continue to read what I’ve written, I hope I don’t fall prey to launching into defensive rants against my readers. It seems sort of counter-productive, no? Not only are you not changing anyone’s mind, you’re just coming across like a jerk. It would be like a best-selling author lashing out against Amazon reviewers. Why do this? Please, Eric, never do this. (That’s me talking to myself.)

Go see this guy’s art

In addition to being a zany, funny guy with a great sense of humor, Ian Sokoliwski is also a very good artist and colorist. Go see his blog. Dude has a great sense for the page. Having watched him draw for three years now, it’s amazing to see the great strides his artwork has taken. He gets better every day. Check ‘im out. While you’re at it, check out my interview with Ian. You’ll learn something about how comics are made, guaranteed.

Hitchcock: The Sequel

Jim and I are working on the follow-up to A Year of Hitchcock. We can’t say much about it at the moment other than that it’s in progress and is also an Alfred Hitchcock book. A full book proposal is written — if you recall my How I Got Published posts you recall what they are — and the book is outlined. We are currently in the research stage and expect to begin writing the first chapter in the days ahead. This one is going to be focused on a specific topic, an in-depth look at an aspect of Hitchcock’s films we find particularly compelling. The idea sprang directly from the commentary in A Year of Hitchcock. So, watch this spot, check our website, and…
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Tearing down your own work

Sometimes you have to take something you’ve created and stomp it to pieces in order to make it work. Earlier this week I began writing a novel I’ve dabbled with on and off for years. I’ve made a few aborted attempts to write it, but other things have always gotten in the way. It has remained incomplete, sort of taunting me from my files. I like the story and world of the novel. I’ve always intended to finish it. So now I’m doing exactly that. At the moment, I have eight chapters completed out of a projected 30 to 40. Thing is, those chapters are crap. Oh, the story they tell is a good story, but the writing? The writing is garbage. See, those chapters…
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