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Bust my website, please

Spent a good portion of the other day fixing, tweaking, and redesigning my personal website. Please take a look and if anything looks out of place, broken, or otherwise awful, let me know by commenting here, on FaceBook or Twitter, or by emailing me. The kind of browser you’re running will be helpful, along with whatever didn’t work for you. Thanks.

Stuff for which I am thankful

We’re supposed to reflect today (though really we ought do that every day, don’t you think?), and so, as I wait for the family to get ready for our car ride to grandmother’s house — we will be going over a river, but won’t be near any woods — I thought I’d quickly do just that. I am, of course, thankful for a wonderful family who not only support me when I devote long hours in solitude to my creative projects, but who also make me proud by being the good, smart, and of course loving people they are. I couldn’t do any of what I do without them. And to my friends, who are probably more dear to me than they realize. I believe…
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Ueten ven hein! Schnell un blitzenberg!

Okay, I’ve got to link to this week’s episode of the Year of Hitchcock podcast, if only because I cracked myself up while editing it. The faux German shtick in the first few minutes of the Lifeboat episode were a bit of unexpected stupidity that had me howling when I listened to it a few weeks after recording. I had completely forgotten I did that. Moments like this are the reason why we do the podcast. Because it’s fun, and hopefully entertaining. We enjoyed writing the book of the same name and think it holds up quite nicely as a worthwhile addition to any film aficionado’s library, but the podcast is something different entirely. Stuff like this is why. Schnell un blitzenberg!

Book royalties, advances, and empty wallets

In a previous blog post I pointed out that authors do not make a lot of money. And that’s true. They don’t. The reality is that you DON’T simply write a book and watch the money start coming in. Not unless you hit a one-in-a-million publisher feeding frenzy for your book or accidentally write the next Harry Potter. Instead, you write a book that will eventually provide you with a modest amount of money — and “modest” may very well mean, “enough to finally get that tune-up you’ve been putting off” — then you do another, and another, and another, because if you don’t you’ll have to get a day job. Which is something most authors have, anyway. Literary agent Rachelle Gardner recently did a…
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eBook pricing is just too damn high

The Kindle, the Nook, the this, the that. The makers of eBook readers are pushing pretty hard to make them the next iPod, only with words instead of tunes. Word of mouth tends to be very positive, too. Me, I just can’t jump on board yet. The price of entry is still too high — over $250 for the low-cost model — and the price of books on it is, in my opinion, absurd. You’re generally paying $9.99 for a new release, which is fine if you’re a person who needs to have a book right now, but is still several dollars more expensive than a paperback edition. That’s right. The virtual copy can cost more than a real, physical copy. As far as I’m…
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