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One-third down on “Stuff Every Husband…”

So, Stuff Every Husband Should Know. As I write this, I have dropped 25 chapters/sections/entries/whatever into my editor’s inbox. Our target is roughly 75, which puts us about 1/3 of the way to the finish line. So that’s good. Of course, we’re still developing ideas and topics, so a big challenge remains before us. Maybe I’ll put out the call for suggestions tomorrow.

Staying Focused, Keeping Busy

Someone recently asked me how I stay focused. It seems like I’m constantly juggling projects, working on new things, producing new material … but how do you keep your nose in your work (especially when also dealing with a full-time job and family)? Aside from the fact that my focus is an illusion — the truth is I’m a lazy, not-very-driven person by nature and always have been — the secret is, there is no secret. It’s damn hard. It’s never easy. And that’s all there is to it. For the person not yet making his or her living solely on writing, for the person wedging that impossible dream into a life already crammed with work, family, and life in general, staying focused on writing…
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Diving into Cerebus for Comic Book Galaxy

When the fine folks at Trouble With Comics asked me to take part in their guest reviewers month, I wasn’t going to say no. I’ve followed parent site Comic Book Galaxy for a lot of years and have always enjoyed the work of Alan David Doane and his collaborators, even when I disagreed with them. So yeah, I was happy to take part. I decided to tackle Cerebus: The Last Day, the final volume in independent creator Dave Sim’s legendary and controversial, 300-issue epic, because it would give me a chance to do commentary I’d be interested in writing. You can read my thoughts here (second item down as of the date of this posting). If you’re unfamiliar with Cerebus, this review isn’t going to…
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And Eric’s next book will be …

Stuff Every Husband Should Know

… Stuff Every Husband Should Know, to be published by Quirk Books, publishers of the huge smash Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. So that’s neat. I start work on it … well, I’m working on it right now, actually. Busting arse, dontcha know? Very tight deadline, so I’ll be busy in the comings days. I WILL ALSO NEED YOUR HELP ON THIS BOOK. I will explain more in the next day or so. Could net you a free copy, so hey hey hey, pay attention! More info to follow.