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On Writing: Good Days, Bad Days

Sometimes writing sucks. On some days every stroke of your pen or clack of your keyboard results in what can only charitably be described as crap. Crap. It happens. And on other days magic spills out of your keyboard, and even the roughest of rough drafts are close to final. Again, it happens. After a week or more of the former, today I am enjoying the latter. That’s not to say that every word I’m spinning is gold — it’s up to my editor on my current project to make that call — it’s to say that decent words are coming easily and without struggle. The process has been painless. The last week, though? Horrid. I had to drag every last phrase out of me,…
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PREVIEW: Comic anthology, volume 2

A few weeks back I revealed the first preview page for my upcoming comic anthology, the second volume of Pitched. Well guess what, kids? Here’s another preview for you. Those of you who read “The Bugs Are All Right” in the first one might recognize the characters and artist… Click image for full-sized Click image for full-sized Big thanks to Lee Flowers for coming on board and doing the lettering. He designed that logo, too. I think it looks great. Once again you’re going to see a pretty diverse selection of stories and artists. The two previews I’ve posted so far are from folks who were involved in the first collection. Most of what is still to come will be all new. Hope you enjoy…
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Sound advice for aspiring writers

A fellow Eric brought these links to my attention and I thought they were well worth sharing. There is a wealth of advice here, and while not all of it will be applicable to you, if your aim is to write you’ll want to read these and take 90 percent of ’em to heart. The Guardian first gives us Ten Rules For Writing Fiction, as offered by noteworthies like Neil Gaiman and Elmore Leonard. They followed it up with Ten More Rules, bringing folks like Michael Moorcock and ian Rankin into the fray. The vast majority of this advice is good, sound, reasonable, and damned difficult to learn. Take this stuff to heart NOW rather than learn it after years and years of slogging through…
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Campaign season is the worst thing ever

Brutha, there is no more awful time of the year than campaign season. As many of you know, in my day job I’m a newspaper guy. I do the kind of things newspaper guys do. Right now, that means managing the coverage of two fierce mayoral elections. And let me tell you, my hatred for campaign season is the kind of hatred usually reserved for famine, pestilence, genocide, and Barbra Streisand. Not in that order. I’d go into details, but not in a public forum. Suffice to say that after 11 years of covering local politics, I’m more than a little jaded at the process and the people and all the little insanities that go into it. I aim to do a good job because…
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The Hitchcock podcast returns!

Hey, remember a little something called the Year of Hitchcock Podcast? Well, it’s back. Technical difficulties and life issues forced a break, but it’s back and ready to roll. We’ll be airing roughly every other week for the time being — if there are blips in the schedule, there are blips in the schedule — and will at the very least clear out the shows we already have recorded (14 in all). From there? We’ll see. So for now go subscribe, fire it up on iTunes, tell some friends, spread the word, yada yada yada. Or don’t. I don’t care either way. No skin off mine.