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Some new photos for your enjoyment

For those so inclined, I added a second page of photos to my personal website. (Note from 2016: I’ve since removed this section from the site.) There you can see nifty pictures like this: I’m not a photographer, but taking pictures is fun, so I do it. Sometimes they even turn out okay. Previous blog posts of photos I’ve taken are here, here, and here. All can be found on the photography section of my website. (2016 update: That section of the website no longers exists; I removed it.)

Want to be published? Learn to query

Every now and then someone mistakes me for a person with a clue and asks how to approach a publisher about a book. There are no grand secrets — by now everyone knows that — just some basics on how to get started. In a series of posts last year I outlined how my first book landed on shelves, but skip all that for now, because I want to get to probably the most important part of the process aside from the writing itself: Your query letter. A query letter is simple, in theory. It’s you saying to an agent or publisher, “Hey, want to see my book?” Not so simple in practice, though. I won’t get into the details because other people have done…
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50-word fiction: The Machines

My Jersey journalist-in-arms John Saccenti put together a little 50-word fiction contest on Facebook. Had a few moments to spare and thought, why not? So, at exactly 50 words, here is my entry: THE MACHINES We forgot to unplug them. And so the Machines fell upon us while we slept, a storm of metal and gears filling the sky like so much angry cloud. With scraping and thunder and screaming and wheels, wheels, wheels, the Machines tore into us, and all were turned to meat. Fin

Am I crazy?

Driving home from work the other evening and ideas are rolling through my head. Sitting at a traffic light and it occurs to me, “Say, I should self-publish a science fiction anthology next year, maybe something with a Mars theme. Invite writers to submit stories, do it via CreateSpace and list it at Amazon. Yeah, that would be fun.” What the bloody hell is WRONG with me?