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Eric does soundtrack music for Weird Tales

Late last year, Stephen Segal, Editorial & creative director at the legendary Weird Tales, asked me to contribute some soundtrack music for a series of brief promotional videos he had in the works. The second of those videos (and first featuring my music) is now online. Check it out: The track is called “Blasphemous Horrors”. If you found those creepy sounds interesting, you can surf right over here and download all 13 one-minute compositions I did for Weird Tales. I think you’ll find them jarring, disturbing, and just this side of cool.

Red Meat – the comic strip, not the food

Years ago I walked into a B. Dalton store and purchased some books. Nothing extraordinary about that. But while standing at the checkout a little book o’ comic strips caught my eye. The cover had a creepy Goth kinda priest looking dude on it. Flipped through it, read one or two, and bought it on the spot. It was Red Meat, and it is disturbingly brilliant. So wrong, it’s right. Go visit their website. Buy a book. You’ll thank me later.

Lost – On daddy issues

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for the television show Lost. If you have not caught up through season 5, do not read this. It will spoil your enjoyment of the show. Lost makes no great attempt to hide its recurring themes. Faith versus reason (as I’ve already discussed), free will versus fate, and redemption and rebirth are not just subtle thematic elements of the show, they are right up front and center. These aspects of the show’s thematic heart are oft discussed, but a common element more infrequently discussed is the sins of the father; trying to rise above deep parental issues, specifically father issues. Not that Lost has made this theme a big secret. After all, the eleventh episode of the very first season…
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Anthology in its final stages

I’m exceedingly happy to report that my upcoming comic anthology is in its final stages. Finished art is coming in every day. Only one script left to finalize. Some pages are being sent off to my pal John Mietus (creator of the awesome Sir Chuck) for lettering. Stories are looking done and complete and excellent. In the damn near immediate future, this 100-page beast — nine stories in all by nine different artists, all nine written by yours truly — will be shipped off to the printer. I’ll get some proofs. And if it looks good, it will then be made ready for purchase. One last major preview coming up in the next week or so, this time with lots of awesome finished art, then…
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New album of guitar noise

If you don’t check out my music archive blog, you may have missed the latest release from my m2 project, which focuses on ambient guitar soundscapes and walls of sound. Unlike the much softer and more somber Six Stories, released earlier this year, this new one is very raw and ugly. Check it out: m2 Ashes 1) Choking on Ashes (7:18) 2) Sleep Paralysis (8:48) 3) Dry Story (7:11) 4) Are His Defenses Going To Hold Up? (3:28) 5) Climbing Mountains and Falling Short (16:16) All songs (c) Eric San Juan 2009. Free to distribute, just ask. More information on this release here.