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No more beer on this blog

I’ve made a few posts about beer on this blog. I won’t be doing that any more. I didn’t begin this blog to talk about random bullshit, I began it to talk primarily about my latest projects, whether writing, music, or otherwise. But I’m not going to not talk about beer. At the moment I feel like writing about the subject. That’s why I started a new blog, Celebrating the Suds, which will be devoted entirely to beer. So give it a look. Subscribe. Follow it on Facebook. Yada yada yada. Cheers.

Small town nitwits try to harass writer out of teaching job

So here’s a story that got me steamed. Two “think of the children!” nitwits, Deanna Stepp and Wendy Apple, of Middleburg, PA, are raising a stink because a high school teacher there also writes romance/erotic fantasy novels. The teacher of 33 years — apparently well liked and respected by her students, according to a Facebook page in support of her — writes on her own time, and does so under a pen name. But according to these two moral crusaders: “We are not questioning Mrs. Buranich’s teaching credentials. We are not even questioning her ability as a writer … . What we’re questioning is that the two jobs are not compatible with one another.” That’s according to Stepp. Oh, and it gets better. According to…
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BEER: Rochefort Trappist beers

For centuries, Trappist monks have been known for their outstanding brewing abilities. Monks in Belgium brew beer not only for their own consumption — they are hearty, healthy beers — but in order to pay for their way of life. Some of these beers are among the most sought after in the world, most notably beer from Westvleteren, which can only be purchased at the abby and only in small quantities. Others, like the world famous Chimay beer (brewed at Scourmont Abby), are widely available and are among the world’s most praised beers. Not too long ago, I had a chance to have the three beers of the Rochefort Brewery, one of the only seven true Trappist breweries in the world. These folks have been…
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A few appearances from around the web

Joe Valdez over at This Distracted Globe quoted me in his write-up of Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes. Thanks, Joe. The quote comes from my review of the Criterion Collection DVD release, which you can read here. Purchase the (awesome) DVD here. Over on the Bibliophile Stalker blog, there is a review/overview of the issue of Weird Tales in which my “commendable piece,” Whispers of the Old Hag, appeared. Thanks, Charles. The issue also has a listing at Locus Online. Speaking of listings, lists A Year of Hitchcock with upcoming books on the History of Motion Pictures. Looks like we’re in some fine company. While we’re on A Year of Hitchcock, I found a good source for tracking down deals on the book. The book’s…
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PLUG: The Work of Rick Lundeen

The Work of Rick Lundeen Rick Lundeen has been creating comics for years and years and years. Fact is, I can’t even begin to list them all. a storyboard artist by trade, Rick fills his spare time with self-published comics. He’s been doing it for a long time. He does science fiction, superheroes, fantasy stories, magical realism, and much more – and they’re always really damn good. He’s a brilliant storyteller and I can tell you from experience that he’s brimming with ideas. Forget about the fact that working with Rick has always been a pleasure (we also did this story together), I just plain like his work. .   My favorite is probably We Three Kings, an excellent dystopian story of corruption and rebellion….
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