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Got it covered

So, Pitched! 2, right? Here is a not-yet-final mock up of the cover. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s fairly close to what the final cover will look like. This cover also contains information for those with discerning eyes; information that may assist in your excitement levels, or at the very least your knowledge of who is in the what and such like. I promise to post some fully lettered pages over the next two weeks so you can see nice words alongside the shiny pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t predict when Pitched! 2 will be available for purchase. We’re switching printers and I don’t yet know how quickly the new printer turns things around. It’s close to certain that it will be available…
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Idea Overload

So here’s a problem I still haven’t learned to cope with: Idea overload. Whatever I happen to be working on at any given moment, well, I’d rather be working on the next thing instead. Sometimes even the thing after that thing. There are always too many projects that appeal to me; too many stories I want to write; too many things I want to try. At times it’s a little overwhelming. It’s overwhelming RIGHT NOW because there are a solid half-dozen big writing projects I’d like to be working on … but I don’t, because attempting that juggling act is a Bad Idea. I handle it by doing my best to stay focused on just one or two major projects at once. Otherwise, I’d be…
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Citizen 13660 – forgotten gem of graphic literature

Every now and then you stumble across something and think, “Why isn’t this considered a landmark in its field?” Citizen 13660, published in 1946, is one of those things. It’s not quite a comic, but should be hailed among the important works of graphic literature. Somehow, though, despite being an avid comic/graphic novel reader, this has slipped under my radar and the radar of every other fan of the comic medium I know. That’s too bad. This deserves to be widely known in such circles.   In 1946, just after spending time in two internment camps, Japanese-American MinĂ© Okubo published an illustrated memoir of her experience. It was called Citizen 13660, after the family number given to her in the camps. The novel/graphic novel hybrid…
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Okay, so I CAN wait to get it started

Waaaaaay back in February, I breathlessly posted about my desire to begin the second draft of a science fiction novel I’ve been kicking around. First draft was done. Readable. But needed work. First I planned to start the second draft early in the year and wrap it up by late spring. Then I pushed it back to March in order to slam out some other, shorter projects. Then Stuff Every Husband Should Know came up and took priority. Then I had to finish scripting Pitched! 2 so we could get it out in 2010. Then I took the rest of the summer off from writing because damn did I need a breather. So now, many endless months later, I finally start on Ye Olde Second…
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Pitched 2: So close, yet so far away

Pitched Vol 2

It’s the final few loose ends of a major project that are the most frustrating, not because they’re particularly difficult or troublesome, but because the finish line is right freakin’ there, just out of your reach, teasing you like the chicken nugget that slips from of your grasp and under the passenger side seat. I’m talking about Pitched! 2: Seven More Stories, which is the follow-up to my self-published comic anthology of 2009, Pitched!: Nine Stories. It is, I hope, an eclectic and entertaining batch of stories made 100 percent better by a talented bunch of artists and collaborators. The good news is, I’ll be sending the final pages to our printer in the super duper immediate future. The bad news is that it will…
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