Am I crazy?

Driving home from work the other evening and ideas are rolling through my head. Sitting at a traffic light and it occurs to me, “Say, I should self-publish a science fiction anthology next year, maybe something with a Mars theme. Invite writers to submit stories, do it via CreateSpace and list it at Amazon. Yeah, that would be fun.”

What the bloody hell is WRONG with me?


  1. Wayne Osborne

    Nothing's wrong with you. That does sound fun.

  2. Wunderr(Dave)

    Sounds like fun to me.

  3. admin

    Why I think I have (or should create) the time for this, I don't know.

    And yet the idea keeps popping back in my head.


  4. M.T. Carpenter, Sr.

    I like the "labels" for this:

    -crazy, idiot, stupid-

  5. Keith Howell

    Maybe even enlist a friend or two to provide some illustrations or cover design 🙂

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