7 Business Ideas to Help You Earn With Your Van

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Did you know that an average van only has about 40 sq feet of floor space and is just about 6.5 feet high? Even then, mobile homes, businesses, and services are on the rise. This is not only because there is a coolness factor involved, but also because it’s a financially sensible investment to make. Many young people already have student loans and choose to save up and invest rather than take another loan, which is adding to this trend.

In case you do follow the trend to buy a van, here are 7 simple and doable business ideas for you. All you need is a bit of van customization to make the most of your space and you should be ready to earn.

Food/ice cream truck

Well, this one looks like a no brainer, right? But once you decide to go this way, there are a lot of things you need to take care of. Forget about the basics such as menu and where to park your van customization needs to ensure proper fire regulations, food safety regulations, and not to mention the fact that you need to worry about making every inch in your van count. Food trucks or vans need a lot of space for storing raw materials and cooking paraphernalia.

Pet relocation / animal rescue / ambulance

Turning your van into a safe haven for animals can be a very rewarding experience. In case you are an animal lover and are interested in making some money while getting to spend time with some pets, pet relocation is a lucrative business. You will need to make some adjustments to your van to make it animal friendly first like crates, beds, etc. Additionally, you can also work with an animal welfare organisation to help them with rescuing animals and using your van as an ambulance.

Moving Van

This requires very little van customisation and you can start off with very little investment. There are two ways of going about this. One is, of course, trying to create a brand of your own, starting small with your van and then expanding. The other way is simply making your van available on sites and waiting for people to reach out to you for bids. Either way, this is a lucrative business, especially if you like long rides.

Roofing / Home renovation Contractors

It’s okay if it’s not your area of expertise. Considering the amount of heavy machinery roofing and home renovation contractors need to carry on a daily basis such as compressed air tanks for pneumatic power tools, ladders, and other general equipment, vans are obvious choices. As the person owning the van, you will need to customize it to ensure all the equipment fit in.

Mobile DJ Van

If you have a flair for music or know someone who is good on the turntable, this is a business idea for you. With limited space in urban areas, it’s a selling point for clients to know that their DJ would just need a parking space and brings their own set up in their own van. All you need to do is open the doors, set up your speakers and the dance floor is ready. DJ van customizations are specific and are costly, but definitely worth the investment considering the demand.

Refrigerated / Insulated Van

There are used for moving freight and are in high demand across the year. While refrigerated vans are primarily used for moving frozen items like meat and ice cream, insulated vans are used for fresh fruits and vegetables. The two van types require two very different kinds of van customizations. While an expensive move, there is definitely demand and money in the business.

Travel Van

Minor modifications can get you a bed and some storage units in your van that can enable you to travel wherever you want to. Take those road trips you always wanted to without worrying about travel and staying expenses. To earn some bucks you can create a YouTube channel, write travel blogs or even rent out your van for those who want to travel.

These are just some ideas on how you can make the best of the space you own in your van. You can get more creative and think of more innovative business ideas such as mobile grocery stores, libraries, or even something as simple as an iconic ice cream truck. The key is to be open to customizations to suit business requirements.