5 Tips to ridding your home of mold

Mold in the house is a great danger to your health. It is a major cause of allergies, skin irritation and infections, just to mention a few killer threats caused by its spores. Mold growth in the house is mostly because of damp conditions. Stagnant water from spills or leakage is a danger at home.  It is associated with most accidents at home and electrocution. Ridding your home of the mold is very easy. Below are some of the tips to use:


  • Dry up completely. Since mold thrives under damp conditions, ensure that when you are cleaning, you dry it completely. This applies to the floors, the utensils, and the clothes. Since they require regular cleaning, ensure that you wipe dry the utensils after rinsing them. The clothes from the washer need to completely dry before you fold and store them. Avoid leaving wet spots or damp rags on the floor after cleaning as they are breeding sites for mold.



  • Use detergents when cleaning. When you are cleaning off the mold, using of chemical detergents such as chlorine mixed with warm water will be a guarantee that the mold will be dealt with completely. The chlorine is a good sanitizer that kills the mold completely. Vinegar and alcohol are also good and cheap sanitizer available in the market. Pour just a little on the mold, or spray it and since they are antimicrobial, they will kill the fungus after a short while.



  • Air circulation. The air you breathe at home should be clean, fresh and free from killer pathogens. The damp air in your basement or bathroom can lead to the growth of mold. It is for this reason that it is advisable to purchase a good vent filter, a fan, and an air purifier. There should be a free flow of air in all rooms of your home. This way the mold will not grow or thrive since the moisture is removed by the circulating air.



  • Use natural oils. Natural oil such as the tea tree oil is a strong fungicide. The oil is mixed with water before applying the affected areas. Shake thoroughly the contents before you spray on the mold and after spraying, wait for a few minutes then scrub off the mold. The oil engulfs the fungus and kills it. Tea tree oil is a very strong fungicide and should, therefore, be handled with care.



  • Repair and restore damaged water leaks. If there is a leakage in your home, repairing it should never be an option, it is compulsory considering the risks associated. It is for this reason that you should contract mold removal st Louis Company. They are professionals in water damage control, repair, and restoration. They offer the best services with added benefits and they only bill from your insurance. The water leaks can be unnoticeable at first and therefore regular checkup should be done.


Mold in your home should be controlled and rode off completely. It will not only add your medical bills but also threatens your life. Mold is associated with poor hygiene measures which portray a bad and a poor image.

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