5 Tips To Maintaining Your Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom setting is a very intimate part of the house. Having a nice and refreshing shower time is usually the best thing you can reward yourself with, especially after a long hard day. Bathrooms usually have a number of important fixtures such that if one is missing, then your bathroom will be incomplete. The sink, the bathtub, toilet, shower head, faucets, and toilets together form an integral part of the bathroom. Consequently, it is imperative to keep them in top shape.

Below are a few tips you might want to consider to maintain your bathroom fixtures.

  1. Pay Attention to Leaks     

Water wastage should be minimized as much as possible. Your bathroom fixtures can be a source of water wastage in your home if they happen to be leaking constantly. Repair any leaks fast. The leaks could be as a result of broken, loose or worn out parts or connecting pipes. If any part is broken replace it with a new and similar spare part model.  In case they happen to have loose parts, ensure to tighten them up with a spanner or a screwdriver. Next, you can run tests to ensure everything is leak free.

  1. Unclog the Pipes, Nozzles and Drainage Points

Over time, the bathroom fixtures can get clogged due to the accumulation of particles. This results in less or no water flowing out of the shower nozzles or the bathtubs, toilets and sinks not being able to drain the water. You do not want a scenario where after using your bathtub or sink, the water does not drain. Later on, it starts to release the foul smell. Unclogging pipes, nozzles and drainage points will, therefore, allow water to drain and flow out uninterrupted. You can use salt water, vinegar or appropriate cleaning chemicals to unclog and clean the water flowing points.

  1.    Rust and Mineral Deposits Accumulation

After using your bathroom fixtures over a long period of time, you will start to notice some parts developing rusty edges, especially on the metallic parts. But worry not, you can always replace or simply repaint the rusted parts. However, if left unattended they will break off completely. Additionally, you can also get to remove the mineral deposits on your bathroom fixtures on a regular basis, especially after showering. The bathtub, toilet and the sinks are the major culprits for such accumulations. Use hard scrubbers and recommended chemicals to remove the accumulated molds and gunk. The bathroom is a very sensitive area, so keep it spotlessly clean at all times.

  1. Mind the Electric Parts

Unlike before when we had plain shower heads, nowadays the current models are electric and eco-friendly. It is essential to always carry out regular inspections to ensure that the electric parts of your shower head are functioning properly. Any wrong fault can lead to you being electrocuted. Replace any non-functioning part immediately. If you are unsure of anything seek the service of an electrician.

  1. Replace the Whole Bathroom Fixtures

It may seem cost-effective to keep on repairing your bathroom fixtures, but in the long run, it is draining your money and is absolutely not tenable especially if the damage is extensive. Sometimes the best way to maintain your bathroom fixtures is by replacing them with new ones altogether.

Give your bathroom a new lease of life. Replace your old shower head with the latest and best shower head in the market. If your toilet has been using lots of water, you can replace it with one that performs efficiently with less water. This makes them efficient and effective over a long time period, hence you will not have to worry about the repair cost every now and again.

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