5 Tips to Buying Furniture that Will Last Forever

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Buying furniture has always been a difficult and complicated affair. After all, it’s not like you can walk out of the store and test out a new piece of furniture before deciding on whether or not to keep it. But the furniture industry is going through dramatic changes, most of which are tied to the new innovations of this digital age. This means good things for you, the buyer. Online shopping platforms like https://emfurn.com give you have more choices than ever before. They also help with comparison shopping too.

But how can you ensure that the pieces you do end up buying will last forever? This is an important question because your furniture will affect your health, comfort, and efficiency. So your number one goal should always revolve around buying pieces that fit, support, and enhance the way you live for a long time to come. If you are thinking about getting new furniture, here are 5 tips that will help you get the best quality pieces:

  1. Find Your Style

Today, a lot of consumer choices are dictated by current trends. But the thing with trends is that they are always changing. What’s considered hip and stylish this season will be old news the next. So, if you’re trying to buy long-lasting furniture, then you should not focus on current trends.

Instead, consider what your personal style is. Not only will this help you buy pieces that are truly your own, but it will also give you the confidence to buy the right furniture for your home. Knowing your style gives you the ability to tie in different pieces of furniture to create a truly personal and unique space.

  1. Judge the Quality

When buying furniture, whatever style it might be, quality is what will really set it apart. This is especially true when it comes to wood pieces. Quality wood furniture will add a sense of warmth, functionality, and beauty to any space.

So how do you gauge if a piece is good quality when there’s such a vast range to choose from? Before closing the sale, check if the wood furniture is sturdy and well constructed. If there are any drawers, they should open and shut smoothly. Also, run your hand over it to check the finish. This will also help you see if the piece has any blemishes and imperfections.  

If it’s a sofa, check if it has a good, solid frame. It won’t survive the years to come otherwise! So ensure that the frame is made from a hard, kiln-dried wood. Also, it should be held together with dowels and screws instead of staples and glue. Quality will determine how long your furniture will last after buying, as well as the level of comfort and function you will get from any piece.

  1. Think about Proportions

Before buying any new piece, measure the area you have designated for it. It’s also important to take the shape and size of the whole room into account. This will help ensure that you get furniture that is the best fit for your home. It will work in synergy with the pieces around it, bringing the sense of beauty and function that you are trying to bring into your space.

  1. Know More about Fibers and Materials

When it comes to furniture, you will probably select a piece based on how it looks and feels. So while aspects like proportion and style are important, it’s also vital to consider the aesthetic appeal. In a nutshell, choose finishes that complement the way you live.

For example, high-gloss finishes on wood furniture look pretty. Unfortunately, such a piece won’t make much sense in a home with little kids or pets. That silk divan is gorgeous, but you won’t be able to maintain its looks if you’re planning to put it next to a sunny window. Your goal is to pick furniture that not only looks good but will also wear well in your home setting.

  1. Always Ask Questions

At the end of the day, furniture is a functional commodity. As such, it should solve problems that are related to how your home functions for you. Take the time to ask yourself what your home needs and answer that by buying the best pieces for your space.