5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Florist

Flowers offer benefits to your everyday life. Whether you receive them as gifts from a loved one or buy them for yourself, there’s so much joy and happiness that flowers can bring. What’s more exciting than waking up to beautiful brightly-colored flowers? According to various studies, waking up to beautiful flowers can positively influence your morning mood.

Flowers can make you feel relaxed, more empathetic towards other people and even less anxious. Whether you grow flowers in your home garden or buy them from a local florist, they’re bound to increase your energy. You become more enthusiastic and experience improved positivity towards various situations.

Flowers can also help improve your health if placed indoors. They can absorb harmful pollutants with the potential to cause allergies, cold and fatigue. Flowers also make a perfect décor for weddings in various forms. A good florist can help you decorate your wedding to achieve your dreams or whatever reason you need flowers.

Here are the top five things to consider when choosing a florist:

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Florist


  1. Location

Whether you’re planning a wedding or just want to decorate your house with fresh flowers, hire a local florist. If you are hiring a florist for your wedding, you are likely to find one dealing with events planning and decoration. A local florist can help reduce distance, ensuring you don’t run late.

Apart from saving time, hiring a florist nearby helps reduce the price of delivering the flowers. Furthermore, flowers are delicate and need more attention than other plants. Even flowers at home need the attention of a florist for the same reasons.

  1. Customer Reviews

When you search online for florists, you’ll get reviews previous customers left for them. Choose a florist with good reviews from previous clients who’ve already hired them or used their services. However, beware of extreme and exaggerated reviews. Some people give the worst reviews even if the services were good.

Sample the reviews and if you get a bad one, ensure you read the reasons that particular individual was dissatisfied. Maybe your interests and expectations from a florist are not the same.

  1. Style

Not every florist will fit into your style. Look for a florist with the ability to provide a flower pattern based on the idea you want. Find a florist with the skills to use your ideas to deliver beautiful bouquets of flowers. If they can give you more ideas on what you already proposed or want, the better. However, avoid a florist with the tendency to impose what they think is right for you.

  1. See their Previous Work

Ask for a florist’s flower portfolio or previously delivered work. Most businesses nowadays are online based, meaning they post everything they do on social media and websites. Browse through potential florists’ photos on Instagram and other online platforms.

Can a florist give you the results you want? Check out their photo for the best answer. If you find a common theme or the look you want, it’s possible that’s the florist for you.

  1. Availability

Choose a florist available to give you the services you desire. Be sure the florist is available on your chosen date, especially for your wedding. Book a florist several months before your D-day as they are always occupied, especially during peak seasons.

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