5 Things Customers Want To See in 2018

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Knowing what your customers want to see this year and beyond can help your business to become more successful than you ever imagined. As a business, your number one priority should be keeping your customers happy and giving them what they want. You definitely don’t want them to feel tempted to go off to one of your competitors and see what their service is like!

Below we have 5 of the things your customers likely want to see in 2018 and beyond. Pay attention if you want to make waves in your industry and create happy, long lasting customers!

Social Customer Service

First of all, customers want to see more social customer service. Not that this isn’t happening already, but many people are being referred to an email address, and told to get the information and help they want that way. This isn’t too difficult, but it can put some people off, as they would prefer a simpler way of communicating what they are after. As people spend hours on social media these days, this is usually the easiest way for them to ask questions, or even ask for help.

Be willing to give your customers help on social media. Having a social media manager can ensure that the burden is not on another member of staff and that time and effort is not being taken away from your core processes.


A More Personal Service

How can you personalize your service to appeal to your customers more? They want to see a more personal service in 2018. These days, they expect to have appropriate suggestions to their solutions in an instant, and if they don’t get them, they might go elsewhere. Introducing smart technology that can get to know a customer will be a great way to ensure they know what they need and are more likely to stick with you.

More Secure Sites And Processes

Having a more secure site, and a secure process when a person is thinking of buying with you is imperative. Using things like document verification and services that really go above and beyond to keep customers safe is one of the smartest things you can do. Don’t underestimate it!

An Effort To Create A Long Term Relationship

Customers want to know that you are making the effort to create a long term relationship with them. If they don’t feel that you care that much about them, they will likely go off elsewhere and see what else is out there for them. Make sure you personalize the service, remember things about your customer, and give them more reason to come back to you.

Smarter, Faster Chatbot Experiences

Using a chatbot can be frustrating, and is something customers would like to be improved for a better overall experience. Better AI is a must for this, as customers want answers in real time. If they have to wait too long, they will go elsewhere. Don’t forget how impatient people are these days!