5 Magic Motivators to Get You Back Into Writing Mode

Every writer knows that impending feeling of doom as your deadline gets closer and closer. You find every excuse under the sun to put off your writing projects, even though it is an activity you genuinely enjoy once you’re into it. Finding inspiration as a writer will never be easy, but your relationship with your work can be improved. The following ideas are bound to help you feel motivated again so that you can get right back into writing mode whenever you need to.

1.Find Savvy Software

There are a number of different tools you can use to get over that uninspired feeling pretty quickly. If you’re hoping to beat writer’s block, you should use software that helps to organize your thoughts in a methodical, yet creative way. By writing down everything you’re feeling and thinking into one cohesive word bank, you can dip into this pot of creativity whenever you’re feeling lost or demotivated.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

  1. Get Out of the House

Every writer is guilty of cleaning the entire house, doing the washing up and any other household chore just to avoid doing their writing jobs. In order for you to fully focus, you might want to think about getting out of the house. When you’re sitting in a cafe, a collaborative workspace or even the park, you won’t be able to distract yourself with household chores.

  1. Talk to People

Whenever you’re feeling particularly uninspired, you should really make an effort to talk to the people around you. Being inspired by the people around you is something every writer should strive to do, so get talking when you’re feeling less than creative.

  1. See the Extraordinary in the Ordinary 

A tree that is losing its leaves, a baby bird feeding from its mother or a motorcycle zooming past you on the roads. These are all day to day things we are all used to seeing, yet nobody ever tries to see the extraordinary elements about them. Trying to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, will always help you to get inspired to write.

  1. Discover a Topic You Love

If you feel as though you have fallen out with writing, you may want to reassess the topics you cover. It may just be that you no longer have a passion for that particular subject matter, so why not change things up a little. Whether you’re trying to pinpoint a book idea or reinvent your blog, you need to write about topics that spark a fire inside you. Once you have found that subject matter, you will find it so easy to write again.

There are so many writers that struggle to become motivated, even though they absolutely love what they do. Not every writer will sit down and have beautiful words pour out of their mind. It takes time, dedication and true passion to become the writer you really want to be. Implement the magic motivators mentioned here and you will soon feel much more content when it comes to writing.

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