5 Employer Failures You Shouldn’t Stand For

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When you accept a position at a company, it’s important to be aware that the business owner has responsibilities that must be upheld. There are plenty of company owners who hope that employees won’t notice their failings and will continue to work for them regardless. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens with employees continuing to work for employers who fail to provide benefits, offer protection or even pay them the right amount. Don’t stand for this in your job and make sure you hold your employer to a high standard.

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Failing To Protect You

Office and business injuries are incredibly common. If you’re not careful, you can end up in a business where accidents simply aren’t taken seriously at all. This could put your health and even your life in danger.

According to sites like www.GBW.law/personal-injury/wrongful-death many cases of wrongful death are caused by the failure of an employer to maintain a safe environment. This could be anything from not providing the right safety equipment to not maintaining the office correctly. It’s important that there is a health and safety officer in any business you work in responsible for checking and addressing hazards.

Failing To Provide Benefits

Technically, a business owner is under no legal requirement to provide benefits to you purely for working there. This means that you do not automatically get things like dental, health insurance or even paid leave. This is particularly true for employees taken on through a freelance contract. But that doesn’t mean you should stand for it. If you provide a valuable service, you definitely should request benefits. If your business is unwilling to provide them, it might be time to start looking for another job in a different company.

Failing To Give Notice

It’s important that a business owner is willing to give you notice before they make any changes to the business that will impact you. This should be addressed as early as the first interview. If you can’t get information on how much notice an employer is willing to give, the job might not be worth the stress it could cause when they let you go without even a day’s notice.

Failing To Keep It Clean

Hygiene should certainly be a concern when you think about taking a job in a business. You don’t want to work in a dirty office as this could end up making you ill and almost certainly impact your quality of life. You can learn more about this on www.TotalJobs.com/insidejob/workplace-hygiene/. If you already have a job where you don’t think hygiene standards are being handled effectively, demand changes from your employer. Remember, this is part of maintaining a safe environment, and it is a legal obligation.

Failing To Pay You The Right Amount

Last but not least, it’s certainly worth checking the average pay for the service you’re offering or the position that you fill. You might find that your employer is seriously undercutting here. Once you have this info, you can request a pay rise or find another business willing to offer you more money for the same level of work.

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