5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning An Instrument

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When learning an instrument for the first time, you can expect to make a few mistakes. Many of these mistakes are learning opportunities, however some mistakes could have a negative impact on your motivation and your ability to play. Here are just a few of the mistakes that you should try to avoid when learning an instrument.

Splashing out on high end equipment

You don’t want to be spending thousands on your first instrument. If you decide you no longer want to play that instrument, you’ll have wasted all that money on a high-end instrument. Many instruments also take a lot of abuse from beginners, so you don’t want anything too expensive that you could break.

On the flipside, you also don’t want to settle for the cheapest instrument you can find. Anything under $50 is likely going to fall apart. You can find guides on the best instruments to buy at sites like Guitar Fella.

Neglecting hand positions and proper technique

There are often hand positions and techniques that people are taught when first playing that may not seem important then – but they can matter later on. For instance, a poor hand position when playing guitar could make it harder to forms complex chords later on. In some cases, certain poor hand positions could develop into carpal tunnel syndrome as is common with drummers.  

Trying to learn hard songs too quickly

A lot of people are impatient when picking up an instrument and will try taking on songs that are well above their ability. Attempting such songs will likely demotivate you – so try a few beginner songs first. There are sites such as Musician Authority where you can find beginner guitar songs to learn. Eventually you’ll then be able to work your way up to the harder stuff.

Only learning songs your music teacher recommends

If you have a music teacher, you should make sure that you’re not solely learning songs that they have chosen for you. Try learning a few songs that you want to learn so that you can develop a passion for your instrument. You don’t want to be stuck learning songs that don’t interest you, otherwise you’ll soon lose motivation.

Choosing the wrong style of learning

There are many different ways to learn an instrument – it’s important to find the one that benefits you the most. For instance, some people enjoy group lessons whilst others prefer having one-on-one lessons. Then there are those that prefer to teach themselves – you may be able to do this from books, from videos or from audiobooks. Find the learning style that is easiest and most encouraging for you.