3 Ways You Can Boost Sales And Sell More Books

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If you’re a writer who plans to contact publishing houses or self-publish a book during the next few months, it makes sense to take a few minutes to read the advice and suggestions in this article. Lots of people become disheartened after they publish a book because they never manage to reach their sales goals. There are many reasons for that, but the primary issue is that book sales are down across the board, and so you need to work harder than you otherwise would have done to ensure people get to hear about your title. Here are some excellent methods for boosting sales…


Become an authority in your subject

There are lots of ways in which you can make people think you are the number one expert in your subject. Following in the footsteps of established authors like Daniel Handler; you might decide to become a public speaker or something similar. Seek out the most suitable events in your home country, and then get in touch with the organizers to see how you go about getting on the bill. You can also reply to questions and comments on social media to assert your authority. If you do that right, the event planners will come to you.

Get as many positive reviews as possible

It’s possible to get thousands of reviews for your book published online without spending a dime. That’s especially the case if you write the book with your audience in mind. However, that often means you will have to give the title away for free for a short period. Let people know you plan to run a discount deal and let readers get hold of a copy without reaching into their pockets. Tell the reader that all you ask in return is for them to write a short review. Most folks will oblige because they didn’t pay anything to get a copy of the book. That helps to boost your online presence and encourage others to spend money on your work in the future.


Take every TV and radio opportunity

As your fame increases, there is a decent chance TV and radio interviewers like Oprah will get in touch when they’re running a story on the subject in which you have become an authority. Make sure you never turn down any of those opportunities because they could place you in front of thousands of potential buyers. Also, you tend to get paid for going on TV shows, and the appearance fee often makes the experience worthwhile even when book sales do not increase. All authors need as much income as possible, right?

Use the three ideas from this page when you publish your book and make it available to the world. You can usually complete all the promotional work (except for TV and radio interviews) in less than a month when your title first hits the stores. So, prepare yourself for that time because you might have to sit at your laptop and send thousands of emails every day. However, it’s worth all the hard work if you see some financial benefits, and that should happen if you trust this article.

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