28 Songs that Changed My Life: The Foundations, “Build Me Up Buttercup” (3 of 28)

For most people these days, The Foundations’ 1968 classic, “Build Me Up Buttercup,” is just that quirky song that has appeared in a thousand movies and maybe gets played at a wedding now and then.

For me, it’s long been the sound of what “carefree” feels like. I grew up with this song. It was a staple in my household, and as a result it became one of the first songs I loved. After all, what kid doesn’t latch onto catchy melodies? And this is a VERY catchy melody. Just hearing the title, I guarantee it’s already in your head!

But over the years it has become more than just a childhood favorite. It’s a song that represents pure happiness; swinging your arms around and singing like a fool; the utter sweetness of a perfect melody kissed by a great harmony. It’s a soulful pop gem, and embracing this song was one of my first steps towards abandoning the idea of “guilty pleasures” and just loving how music can make you feel.

And it STILL makes me feel great every time I hear it:

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